Jason 'Zake' Szakel


Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group

About Jason 'Zake' Szakel

Zake always knew his purpose in life would be as a licensed REALTOR. However, Zake didn't realize it would take 24 years before he could pursue his purpose on a full time basis. Zake spent nearly his entire childhood watching various members in his family work in the real estate industry. That exposure gave Zake critical insight to various aspects of the industry at a young age. Zake originally planned on getting his real estate license immediately after graduating high school but life had other plans for him. Zake's Uncle Bill, who was like a father figure, encouraged Zake to first gain some much needed discipline and worldly experience by joining the Navy. So, like a good nephew, Zake enlisted in the Navy and eventually ended up getting a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and rising through the ranks from Enlisted to Officer. After serving a number of years in the Navy, Zake transferred to the Army, worked as a Critical Care Nurse and ultimately retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel with 24 years of combined Active Duty Service between the Navy and Army.

Zake's number 1 priority is the well being of his family. As such, Zake treats each and every one of his clients as if they are part of his family. Zake knows how to balance the delicate line of professionalism and politeness with firmness and fierce negotiation. With that being said, Zake will ALWAYS do what is in the best interest of his clients no matter the circumstance because as a member of the Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group, the following are what guides his thoughts and actions:

1. Representation is NEVER COMPROMISED!
2. Zake will NEVER put the deal before the PERSON!